Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 18

January 18, 2010
So this will be just a quick entry about a special moment. So I have been trying to make a habit of running at the home every evening when the sun starts going down… trying the key word. I haven’t quite got my rhythm down but I’m doing better than before ;-) Anyway, today I arrived to help Riccy study for her reading exam. We spent about an hour and a half studying… among other things. Then I went outside to start running. I got about two laps in and one of the older girls named Brenda started running with me. I have had a harder time getting to know the older girls not for any reason on their part, just overall anxiety about how to be “cool” to a teenager… that makes me sound really old but its harder than you think!
Anyway, I asked her a little bit while we ran she answered we laughed some. She didn’t talk much but I think it was because she was tired… I was trying to encourage her a little bit but not be too overbearing. I said things like we are almost done you can run this whole workout with me and lets finish quick. I think she liked it though. I was really nervous about finishing running cause I didn’t know what I was going to say to her. But we finished I put my arm around her and told her it goes so much faster with a running partner. She smiled and put her arm around me and we walked around the block again for a cool down. I told her from now on I’m gonna bug her every time I go. Hopefully she is interested in training with me some.
Now that I write this down it seems much less significant… but those of you who know me know that running is very important for me. And, I love to be with people, so to be running and getting to know one of the girls was just perfect for me. Brenda putting her arm around me and giggling about the fact she can’t believe she made it the whole time with me was wonderful. I’m so thankful for these moments.

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