Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 16th

February 16th, 2010
Its four o’clock and I have just arrived back at my house after teaching and tutoring. Today wasn’t an extra special day for any reason but I feel like I need to write a blog. School is going much better these days. The kids seem to know what to expect of me and I’m learning that when I am rested and positive my days are much easier. The students respond to happy but disciplined teachers. I’m proud to be that for them.
Anyway, after school I go tutor the girls in the home. I always dread it, after a long day at school I just want to go home, wash my hands, and take a nap ;-). I always think come on Hannah, an hour isn’t that long and I get started. As I spend more time with the girls I love being with them more. I haven’t written about how loved I feel by them yet, and that is crazy. I feel so loved by these girls. And I am amazed at how unconditionally they do it.
I worked so so SO hard to break through to these girls, and now I can say I honestly have. I had good moments with them of course before but nothing like I do now. Before on any given day the girls could be in a bad mood and be short with me, but now I can say what the heck? Snap out of your mood and they laugh and we hug and move on. Today I horsed around with Riccy, Mauda, Tania, and Abby. Its been a challenge determining how my relationship with Riccy and Mauda should go in the home since I have them both in class but even though I have had to punish them sometimes they still love me when I visit their home. Tania and Abby are both older and its nice to have them as friends. I am thankful that I work in the school and not as a tia because it gives me a little bit more freedom to be their friend and not their disciplinarian.
I love these girls, and the only thing I can think now is how hard it will be to say goodbye to them all. I am not in love with Honduras and eager to move on with my life, but these girls and their smiles will always hold a special spot in my heart.


  1. Beautiful, Hannah. Your blog today was a real blessging. Have a wonderful day and an awesome weekend! :)...Em's Dad.

  2. Isn't it great how things change and deepen? I'm real proud to be your mama and can't wait to see you and hear more about these weeks. XOX