Saturday, July 4, 2009

Honduras in the Media

Hi everybody!
Just thought I should connect with you guys regarding the turmoil in Honduras currently. It seems pretty complicated but I the director of Our Little Roses wrote me this email...

Honduras is not what it seems on the TV and newspapers. One of our Board members came back last night and said that if someone had not told him of the "coup" he never would have known that it took place. San Pedro Sula is far removed from the capital city of Tegucigalpa and that is the center of the unrest as it is reported. It is really much less that what appears on your screen.

I have been dismayed at the way the media has reported the events and the defense of Mel without considering the facts that brought the government to stand that it took on Sunday. Many have reported that why didn't Honduras simply impeach the president if he was not following the constitution but what they have failed to realize is that in Honduras we have no provision for an impeachment process like the US and the manner to deal with a president who is breaking the law is to give him the choice to be exiled to a third country, which is the case in point.

So, I have little doubt that what is happening will have any effect on the volunteers this coming year and the safety and well being of all of those who live and work in Honduras, especially San Pedro Sula.

So, according to Diane Frade there is nothing to worry about. I have heard though that Honduras is currently not letting foreigners into the country. I feel like a lot could happen in six weeks so I will just have to see how things play out. Its in hearing stories of the week latin american governments that make me especially patriotic on this fourth of July. I have spent it wearing shorts, going for a long bike ride, and enjoying time with family. All things I might not have been able to do in another country. Lets pray for the Honduran government and hope for the best when it is time for me to travel there!
Happy Independence, God Bless!

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