Friday, July 10, 2009


I still have no clear answer as to whether I will have to postpone my trip to Honduras or not. I seem to be hearing a mix of things... It seems to me as if the current situation in Honduras is mostly political and that it means no real threat to me as a visitor to the country. That being said I am just going to be patient and smart about my safety.
Oscar Arias is trying to help the situation move out of a stalemate, but after talks with Zelaya and Micheletti separately neither party would agree to having a face to face talk. Lets keep praying that the best for Honduras and its people will prevail. My biggest prayer is that other political figures do not use this weak moment of Honduran history as a stepping stone to more power. It is unclear to me why Latin American leaders, the OAS, and the UN feel so strongly that the coup was wrong. I mean, I understand that coups are generally not a good thing (I did major in international relations) but I hope it doesn't turn into a bigger political issue than it needs to be. Can we really even define it as a coup?
Anyway, those are some of my thoughts.
Hope everyone is well. Please pray for me in this time of transition and waiting.

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