Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 22

August 22, 2009
I was able to check my email again today. I had a couple emails from family and friends that made me so happy. I know that I can do this adventure because I have so much love and support from my communities in the United States. Thanks for supporting me so lovingly.
I was up all night last night from being sick. I’m not sure whether it’s the heat or the food and water but I was not feeling good today. I went to the store with my housemates though and got some pepto bismol. It has given me some relief which I am thankful for. We had a taxi driver named Danilo that drove us to the store and then gave us his cell phone number so we could call him when we needed to be picked up. It is so nice to know that we can call a taxi who is familiar with Our Little Roses and is eager to help us. I am probably going to work on getting a cell phone specifically for this reason. I think because of the possible dangers of where I live it would be better if I always had the ability to call for help.
This morning Brenda woke me up because the washing machine fix it man was here. He had some questions and they needed me to translate. Sometimes I get nervous and feel as if I don’t really know any Spanish, but when I get a chance to use it and can have a productive conversation I feel so happy. I just love Spanish!
We are heading to church tomorrow with the girls. I’m eager for the service and I really hope its in Spanish. I think it would be so fun to hear the liturgy in Spanish. I wonder if it will have the same, less or more of an effect in another language.
Tomorrow I will be busy busy busy practicing and getting ready for school. I have nested in my room a little more today so it feels picked up and ready to be a good work place for me after church. I have lots of little ant friends that I seem to not be able to get rid of. Yes mom, I have not left any food out ;-) I’m trying to just send them love and feel connected to them like Lily does with her bees. (I will send them love and ask them not to crawl on my toothbrush  )
That’s all for now,
Love to you all,

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