Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29

August 29
So it’s Saturday evening around six o’clock. I have been lazy all day, but I did get my laundry done and that is a process! We have a washing machine but it doesn’t fill with water so we have to fill it with jugs from the sink. It takes about 8 pitchers full to do the first cycle. Then once it stops again you have to fill it with 8 more pitchers and start the rinse cycle. And then, I know it’s lazy, but you have to hang up every piece so that it will dry! I can appreciate it for its simple beauty, but I’m definitely not used to it.
I have to tell you about the third grade teacher Erika, she has quickly become a very important friend to me. She has helped us with a lot since school started and she has a loving wonderful personality. She took us out last night, along with another teacher named Dirian to a great restaurant for steak and beer. The restaurant was like a big tree house. It was awesome. The food was great, the ambiance beautiful, and the company a blast! We laughed hard and finally had a chance to be together without the stress of school being the subject of our conversation.
Erika is on her way over now with her 8 month old baby so we can meet him. I’m very excited to meet him. I’m so thankful to have a friend I trust here and I feel as if she is thankful that she has three new friends also.
When I go to the home I feel I am chatting with the same girls every time. I want to meet more of the girls but I’m not sure how to approach them. It seems as if I have met all the girls that are excited about meeting the new volunteers, the others I will have to approach slowly one on one. This just takes time I guess.
So in the middle of writing this our friend Erika came over. She brought me food and it was amazing. She had mashed potatoes, rice, and shrimp in her own homemade breading. It was delicious… My explanation will never do it justice. Anyway, she has the sweetest little one. I was really happy to have some baby time.
I had a weird dream last night that made me really miss my family and friends when I woke up in the morning. I had my first, o crap I’m still in Honduras moment. I know that these are normal and to be expected so I just tried to get out of my funk anyway I can. Reading The Color Purple has been wonderful. I also spent time just relaxing with Brenda and Emily. I’m so thankful for their friendship. Seeing the girls helps too, but what really made me feel better today was chatting on skype. I know I have said this before but when I feel as if I can’t do this, or that I don’t want to, I just remember how many people love me and are supporting me in this adventure. I will persevere! It was really nice to have Erika come over tonight too! I’m glad to be making friends.
I will get up early tomorrow to go to church with the girls again. I wasn’t a huge fan of the church last time but I did really appreciate the time to connect with more of the girls. I have to finish folding my laundry too before bed.
Peace be with you.

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