Friday, August 14, 2009

Today is the day!

So tonight at 11:00 pm I will get in the car with my dad and we will drive to Chicago. We are planning lots of extra time in there because we would rather be early than stressed. We will probably hang out somewhere in between for a bit. My flight leaves Ohare airport at 5:40 am. I fly first to Houston, TX, have a one hour layover and then fly from Houston at 9:05 to arrive in San Pedro Sula @ 10:52 am. Im meeting a friend that I met at the training in Maimi and we are going to be flying together. This time around feels a lot easier than when I went to Argentina so Im thankful for that. At the airport someone from Our Little Roses will be there to pick us up. After this point in my day I have no idea what will be next. Im sure it will include settling in, hopefully a nap, and maybe a tour of the place.
When I start to imagine what it will be like to arrive I get so excited. People have asked how I am doing and I actually feel really good. I feel blessed to have this opportunity and have not been feeling any fear at all. Of course I am a little anxious but not scared! I have felt so loved and supported by my friends and family this summer. I have had numerous meaningful times and I know that with the support I have experienced before leaving I can do anything!
Its down to the wire now where I start to worry if I have forgotten to pack something important. I will try to curb those feelings reminding myself that if it is essential I can buy it there. Other than that I'm not too worried about anything else. I hope this is just a blessing and doesn't mean that I'm distracted from thinking about things I should be.
Thank you so much for going on this journey with me! Today starts a life changing year in my life... How exciting is that?

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